Grain Merchant – VIE (H/F)

Région Autre


The main goal of the Grain Merchant mission is to develop outlet for Ag. Commodities and sell the goods.

He or she animate and coordinate SOUFFLET COLLECT offers.

He or she oversees the development and the increase of unit margin of Collect activities and controls the risks.



Commercial activity
Develop Ag. Commodities sales activities with new outlet

Animate SOUFFLET COLLECT offer of the campaign for all crops

Ensure marketing and communication package of SOUFFLET COLLECT Offer

Deliver the good performance of his/her activity by achieving budget target in term of unit gross margin and working capital

Risk management
Ensure respect of exposure of the collect position

Supervise the credit control of the counterpart on sales in collaboration with the collect department and the Credit Management department.


Location : Pologne, République tchèque, Slovaquie, Roumanie, Bulgarie.


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