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Supply Chain Operations FICO missions

Ensure the visibility of assets and operations performance at each stage of process
Ensure the financial assessment of operations investments

ROI computing
Aggregation of operational and business analysis for DI creation
Ensure the coherence of data in terms of operations financial controlling

Costs and profit centres logic and mapping in countries and companies
Ensure the processes respects to receive relevant data

Posting of FI movements and repartition keys definition for correct reporting
Ensure proper collaboration with central FICO team
Ensure the international coherence of supply chain operations FICO structure

Spread of ideal organisation and support depending on countries maturity
Ensure the link with other departments Collect/Inputs/QSE/FICO at central and local level

Ensure the alignment in directions with another department
Ensure the spread of results

Core tasks

Audit, define, prioritize, and lead local FICO projects in collaboration with local FICO
Ensure the performance monitoring of countries

Dashboard creation and maintenance
Dashboard analysis
Action plans definition with SCOM team
Close follow-up of financial operational results and alignment with local FICO
Ideal processes design and implementation at country level in collaboration with local and international FICO
Ensure the profitability analysis of both facilities and Agro companies at all stages of process
Ensure the implementation of operational excellence, continuous improvement and lean 6s approach

Identification of profiles to train
Trainings and projects synchronisation in relationship with performance specialist
Ensure link with other departments

FR Agriculture
Ensure the performance of operations in relationship with FICO team

Reporting and communication

Weekly synchronisation with department head – Exchange

Ensure prioritisation and information sharing
Monthly synchronisation with local team and SCOM team – Bottom up

Ensure local link and information sharing
Ensure prioritisation of task respect with SCOM Deputy
Quarterly FICO meeting – Budget

Required skills

Ability to utilize data collection/analysis tools & methodologies
Accounting and costs analysis
Profitability, CAPEX and OPEX analysis
Solid analytical, statistical, and problem-solving skills
Has knowledge/experience of Project management tools and methodologies
Has knowledge of ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, Dynamics or other),
Leadership skills – indirect management of teams.
Communication and presentation skills – in English

Experience Requirements

Experience in Financial controlling / investment
Knowledge in system and processes
Interpersonal skills

Location : Pologne, République tchèque, Slovaquie, Roumanie, Bulgarie.


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